Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Spot The Difference



I know a lot of people started hating on Cage when he fully changed direction with 'Hell's Winter', but I for one preferred his change of tact as all that horror & gore exploitation sex rap had got played out a while before. Especially when he said all that hideous shit in that Smut Peddlers interview in HHC time ago. Now, ironically, he has further changed his stylings so I don't like him again, and prefer absolutely anything he did earlier to the emo rock shit he's doing now.

I only really posted these vids to show the difference 11 or so years can make and to highlight the startlingly obvious ways in which his vocal stylings and his, ummm, lets say 'vocabulary' have changed. I do like what he says about 'Depart From Me' in the second vid, about how he's basically trying to lose his original fans and this is his way of doing it.

Well, congratulations Cage, you've successfully lost another fan. Keep it up champ!


  1. The satanic thoughts of an obese junkie teen are probably more interesting to most than the well balanced musings of a vegan new-parent.

    but... he seems to keep getting more artistically fulfilled and happier with his own life as time goes on... which is a really nice thing. Even if his music turns shit (I haven't heard new stuff).

  2. You are right of course Steve. I don't think he's particularly 'well balanced' though haha. I tried to like his new stuff because ive always been a fan but just couldnt get a grip on it. Its quite cool seeing how much he's changed/evolved as an artist & person in general. Have a peep mate, it might be your cup of tea. It just happens to be my cup of tripe.

  3. haha... I'm fairly certain I won't like it. But, yeah... good to see evolution in an artist... be more tragic if he was doing the old stuff.