Monday, 31 January 2011

Rarekind Records Podcast January 2011 FREE MUSIC

Go peep it, listen, download, support. I'm on it. Twice. Including an exclusive joint off of the forthcoming 'Cold Lazarus' LP. Keep an eye out for that. Mixed by DJ Headnod and Ruff Snippets (who I am also doing an EP with later on this year, keep an eye out for that).


Peep it HERE

Tracklist -

1. Ruff Snippits - Frosty Reception
2. Jam Baxter - Caving
3. 184 ft Dirty Dyke - Misplaced
4. Fliptrix - Head Held High
5. Jon Phonics ft Melanin 9 - Tug the Rope
6. Kormac ft Koaste - Saturday Morning TV
7. Roots Manuva & Wrong Tom - Lick up ya Foot
8. Reps - Like to Party
9. 184 ft King Kai, Sonnyjim, Jehst & Mr Thing - Superman
10. Mowgli - Tax
11. Kashmere ft Dramacide & Severe - The Power
12. Rum Committee - 50 / 50
13. Rhyme Asylum - Next Level
14. Ramson Badbones - Recognize
15. Running Punch - Smoke Smoke Smoke
16. Enlish ft Vecks & Scizzahz - CHWOIT
17. Genius Squad - Jungle Love
18. Nagasaki Youth Club - The Monster With 21 Faces
19. Cappo - Most Wanted
20. Dr Syntax - Cock Block
21. Stig of the Dump - Intoxicated
22. LDZ - Tear Da Roof Off
23. Scizzahz - So Stupid
24. LDZ - Annoying Friend

The Disappearing Act - My Life Is Real

*DISCLAIMER - I've been a bit wayward the last few days. Do forgive my pigeon style writing and general lack of pop. It'll come back. Just not for a couple days haha*

Peace all, As some of you may recall, on Friday night I went and hooked up with an oooooooold friend that I hadn't seen in a while in East London for a few bevvies. Of course, a few bevvies turned into a few thousand bevvies which then inevitably led to, shall we say, 'extra curricular' intoxicants coming into play. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so take our friend Raekwon 'The Chef' For example.

The debauchery begins roughly around 6pm on Friday night. I'm home by 9.30am on saturday morning, still drinking whiskey, packing my bag for Brighton. I get to Brighton about 13.30pm Saturday, immediately head round to 184's crib, and it goes like this -

Which, predictably, left me feeling slightly blurry. I must admit, the rest of Saturday night is a bit of a mystery, but I know I did hook up with Hines and hit the pub. Sunday I woke up at 4pm (oh the shame) but still managed to drag my sorry carcass out of bed to hit up Scizzahz' studio and FINISH MY RAP AINT REAL LP. Exclusives coming soon so keep 'em peeled for that. Anyway, the time at Sciz', followed by another trip to 184's to retrieve my phone charger essentially led to this sort of behaviour -

I managed to make it back to my holiday home in one piece though thankfully, albeit a few brain cells lighter but with a completed (and, if I do say so myself, rather dope sounding) LP in my pocket. I'm supposed to be getting the train back to LDN today but thought fuck that as its Brighton's premier open mic night, Slipjam B, on tuesday and I havent had a good old spit in a fair few months. Plus its the 'Rhyme Date' version so I can show all and sundry how I'm mad smooth like Big Daddy Kane and Oran 'Juice' Jones.

Stay tuned for further updates my peoples (if Im with it enough to type it), brand new shit coming soon, album previews on the way. Holla at me.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Deezy's Saturday Jam #3

In honour of me still being up after drinking all night. I'm a fucking idiot. Are you?

Friday, 28 January 2011

Groundhog Day

Having only just recovered from my stupidly over indulgent evening on Wednesday, I am now going to leave the house and return to a drinking environment. I still pretty much feel like hot dog egg after the other night, a sure fire sign that my body's ability to quickly regenerate after drinking stupidly large amounts is on the decline. That is bad news, but then again..... No, its just bad news all over. I can only hope that my boy Fat Money is experiencing a similar decline otherwise its going to get messy quickly. Peep for me on Twitter (@Enlish) for semi regular updates on the hideous alcoholic bingeing. I'll be back to drop some jewels on you tomorrow unless I get back completely tanked and post up some shit for you while I'm still having a party tonight (lets hope not). Word.

Like Art? Like Free Beer?

I thoroughly endorse this.

Shameless Self Promotion

Look out for MY 2 LPs dropping consecutively VERY SOON, 'Rap Ain't Real' & 'Cold Lazarus' featuring Sean Price (Boot Camp Click), Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax and more. Until then, you can go and cop these for free (or nearly free in the case of the EP) from my bandcamp, HERE.





You can also go and peep my Soundcloud page for additional drops and random curiosities. New freebies coming soon.

Stig Of The Dubs #1

My friend and co-worker Stig Of The Dump has embarked on a campaign of FREE dubstep bootlegs for all and sundry to download. I suggest you go and do that and, in turn, enjoy the musical stylings of the big, potty mouthed heathen himself.

Click -----> HERE -----> for the freeness. Go pick up the new LP 'Mood Swings' and the back catalogue while you're at it. I think Steven is planning to drop one of these per month for the near future so keep your eyes open (and your wallet in your front pocket).

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Hangover

I got really, really drunk last night. It seems I'm not as well equipped to deal with hangovers these days compared to the last 8 or so years. I hooked up with Stig, drained a fair few tinnies, drank 2 on the tube back to Brixton, got home, drank a bottle of red wine and half a bottle of rum. Then I went out, got a few more tins and a 3.00 AM McDonalds (easily the low point of the evening). I was so drunk that I passed out with all of my clothes on while watching Predator and have been languishing in my own self pity all day as a result. So yeah, sorry for not being on point. Hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Kool Keith's 'Retail Therapy'

Ok, so this is a story that has been floating around for some time now, one that I was certainly told probably somewhere close to ten years ago by a colleague who will remain unnamed but, and I can assure you of this, is a trustworthy source of information. There is still no way that this particular tale can be substantiated 110% so names will not be brought into play to protect the innocent/guilty (apart from Kool Keith's, but surely any beef will just up my Bandcamp download numbers/be reported to me by his lawyers).

I will tell you that the story teller once worked for a good few years at the Brighton (UK) branch of Size?, a popular trainer store, actually owned by JD Sports (its inbred cousin) that caters to the more design and style conscious sneaker heads amongst us (myself included, from time to time).

As far as I'm aware, Size? Is actually a relatively exclusive chain in that there are really not that many store locations in the country when compared to JD, Foot Locker and all the rest. There's only three branches in the whole of London at Carnaby Street, Portabello Road and Covent Garden. This particular tale goes down at the Covent Garden branch.

As some of you may or may not know the Covent Garden Size? Actually moved premises recently….I say recently, although I haven't really got a clue when it happened. All I know is that I bopped down Neal Street a few months ago to go and cop myself a pair of crispy Air Jordan Flight 9's and found myself confronted with a Dr Martens AirWare emporium. Shocked and bewildered, I wandered further down the street only to find Size? a few doors down, thank fuck.

Anyway, my point is that this particular tale took place at the original Covent Garden location. Due to the sparseness of Size? locations, branches would (and probably still do) stay in relatively close contact with each other to see what was selling and what wasn't so they could then ship off unpopular kicks to other branches where maybe they could potentially shift better. Because of this, my friend in the Brighton branch got to talking to the (then) manager of the CG branch who then regaled him with this bizarre tale, although when dealing with Kool Keith, I suppose anything is to be expected.

Picture if you will….Half an hour or so before shop closing time, Kool Keith bops into Size? with one of his minders and politely asks the star struck manager (who was a massive fan) if he wouldn't mind closing the shop up early so Keith could blow a stack on kicks. Seeing as it was closing time anyway and dude was such a huge fan he of course obliged (as any self respecting head would) and ushered the remaining shoppers out of the store before locking the door.

So, the shop is completely empty apart from the manager, the 2 (?) other shop workers, Keith and his minder. Dude is buzzing cause one of his all time idols is in his shop, he's at least going to get him to sign a pair of Stan Smith's to display in the shop, maybe even get a photo with dude, so he's made up with the situation. They're all keeping their distance while Keith glides around looking at crepes.

At this point it all goes a bit 'Fear & Loathing'. As I was told, Kool Keith picks up one of the faux leather stools that you sit on to try on kicks/begrudgingly wait for your dime to get her shopping over with, takes it into the middle of the (empty) shop floor, sits down and proceeds to start crying, before sobbing and then wailing uncontrollably into his hands, inconsolable, tears streaming down his face.

Keith's minder seems completely unperturbed by this and pays his behaviour no mind. The manager, however, after a few minutes walks up to the dejected, bawling figure of a rap star and asks if he's OK. He gets no answer and Kool Keith continues sobbing as if his dog has just died. His dog might have just died, of course, but I won't speculate. How ironic.

Anyway, after a good 20 minutes/half an hour of this the shop workers are suitably ticked off as they should have left already, the manager is caught between his workers and one of his all time rap idols losing his shit but still apparently planning on spending a wad of cash in the store, the minder is paying the situation no mind (no pun intended) and all the while Keith is beside himself.

At this point the manager makes a second attempt to get through to the dejected Black Elvis. Asking whether he still intended to purchase any trainers due to the apparent discomfort of the situation and the growing agitation of his employees at being kept late at work to watch a grown man cry, Kool Keith wipes his eyes and nose, stands up, walks to the door (which was unlocked for him) and then walks out with his minder, having not spent a single penny and leaving with no kicks whatsoever. What happened after is anyones guess; needless to say I'm sure it was one of the more interesting experiences to be had working at Size? for those guys.

Maybe that's the true meaning of 'Retail Therapy'. Feel free to balk at this story and say it didn't happen, but really, do you honestly think I could make this shit up? The answer is no, by the way. Another Urban myth, but told from a reliable source. Think of it what you will. As an aside to all you aspiring/successful rappers out there, I thoroughly recommend seeking the proper medical and psychiatric advice when you have a problem rather than relying on minimum wage sales people of grossly overpriced shoes to sort your problems. Just an idea. But for real though, mental health problems are no joke, so seek the proper help. I honestly don't know if Keith has any specific issues, but I'm talking in broader terms here. You're welcome.

The Claybourne Family - Kool Keith, Marc Live & Jacky Jasper. Big up Jimmy Hatetank. Peep it, its the best rap song ever made.

Say Word

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Spot The Difference



I know a lot of people started hating on Cage when he fully changed direction with 'Hell's Winter', but I for one preferred his change of tact as all that horror & gore exploitation sex rap had got played out a while before. Especially when he said all that hideous shit in that Smut Peddlers interview in HHC time ago. Now, ironically, he has further changed his stylings so I don't like him again, and prefer absolutely anything he did earlier to the emo rock shit he's doing now.

I only really posted these vids to show the difference 11 or so years can make and to highlight the startlingly obvious ways in which his vocal stylings and his, ummm, lets say 'vocabulary' have changed. I do like what he says about 'Depart From Me' in the second vid, about how he's basically trying to lose his original fans and this is his way of doing it.

Well, congratulations Cage, you've successfully lost another fan. Keep it up champ!

Dope Cover Art #3

Rup On Zebra (Zebra Traffic, 2007)

A close personal friend of mine, when Rup got snapped up by the (now defunct) Brighton based label Zebra Traffic, which was also home to Phi Life Cipher and more at the time, there wasn't any problem with trying to figure out what the LP should be called. After the name was taken care of, it seems the direction and concept of the artwork kind of took care of itself. I still think its hilarious. *Edit* The dude who painted it is called Richard Clements. Dap to that man.

As an aside, the front cover is actually a real oil painting that, after completion, Rup's mum bought and then gave to Rup as a present. Nice. We both got absolutely shitfaced in a pub in Brixton last week and discussed the bizarreness of owning giant paintings of yourself (my LP artwork required Alex Young to paint a 5 foot portrait of me that I still own. In my Dad's attic, funnily enough).

I strongly advise you check http://soundcloud.com/rupertcnut for unreleased gems and new joints coming out.

Rup's entire back catalogue, including his sophomore release 'Rupert Just Woke Up' are still available from Suspect Packages here - http://www.suspect-packages.com/artists/r-t/RUP.php

Also to be checked is http://www.heartodayrecords.com/, Rup's pre and post Zebra Traffic home. The website is pretty emaciated it seems but you can still cop 'Rupert just Woke Up' cheap on digital copy. I strongly advise it, least of all cause I get a shout out on the first track. The whole LP is dope though, especially cuts like 'Feel You' and 'The Fox'.

A Remote World Artwork 1 of 2 - (L-R) Rup, Enlish, Mole & DJ Manipulate (damn he ugly hahaha)

And here's a joint that came out on 27 beats a few years back, a limited press, individually numbered 7" with illustrations and lyric sheets (remember those?). It has Dr Syntax and Jon Clark on the A with me, Rup and Mole on the B. Its all about dreaming. Big up See, who produced both cuts, handled the drawings and basically put the entire package together and got it out there.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Fat Italian Plumber In Hallucinogenic Mushroom Induced Rap Shocker

Yep, I'm still on my 8 Bit bullshit. Anybody who is anybody (within reason) should remember that around the turn of the century the Cocoa Brovaz (nee Smif N Wessun) dropped the classic underground 12" 'Super Brooklyn'. The first time I heard the joint I went bananas and quickly snapped up two copies, such has the nature of my obsession with NES games always been. It dropped shortly after their not-so-kindly-received sophomore LP 'The Rude Awakening' (I thought it was pretty good) and is produced by the then, and still now completely unknown 'DJ Rob'. Due to the obvious sampling issues (I doubt a company as large as Nintendo would let go of any samples, and if they did you'd probably be looking at 6 figures at least) the single never got an official release, but was and probably still is widely available.

I absolutely loved and still absolutely love this joint; I'd play it every time I would DJ out without question and it was one of the first instrumentals I would jam constantly during embryonic cyphers and writing sessions. I remember thinking it was just an absolute genius idea to take the various elements of the Mario theme tune and roping them up into a dope beat. So obvious, yet nobody had thought of it until DJ Rob got busy. Of course, after the 12" dropped, everybody and their mothers starting sampling from all different types of retro gaming systems, the most notable of which (in my opinion) is Dibiase (http://www.myspace.com/dibiasebeats), a California native who has pillaged nearly every single classic NES game that you can think of.

So, imagine my shock when just the other day I stumbled across this particular gem while dreamily reminiscing over old saturday morning cartoons (a topic I will no doubt be touching on again in the future). It turns out DJ Rob and The Cocoa Brovaz were beaten to the punch......By Mario and Luigi themselves. Observe. Considering this would have aired in the late 80's the beat is pretty 'ard and the rhymes are slick enough. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo eat your hearts out.

Snappy. Mario burned the mic son (no fire flower). I was initially surprised that the Nintendo company would have been this forward thinking in using Hip Hop as part of their marketing scheme, but then I realised that any company with any amount of sense has always exploited the art form in order to appeal to the younger generations and continue to do so to this day. Its really nothing new. With that in mind, I'm not mad at them as I could sit around playing Super Mario Bros all day and have been since I was 7. Whether or not their clever marketing gimmicks directly influenced my decision to eat Magic Mushrooms on a semi regular basis is another matter entirely and not one I'm willing to tackle right now as I'm currently in the middle of a hideous flashback and there seems to be a red shelled tortoise attempting to eat my right shoe.

For those not au fait with the 'Super Brooklyn' track (shame on you), here it is, complete with a pretty nifty video that some hopeless dork out there has conjured up. Peace out Paisanos.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

(Street Fighter 2 Voice) - "PERFECT!"

A short excerpt from an interview that Stig Of The Dump, that big guy that I rap with/tour with/carry weed for gave for www.beatnikonline.net before the release of his debut LP 'Mood Swings'. Basically, Stig asked me along with the promise of an afternoon dedicated entirely to booze and Street Fighter. I wasn't disappointed. The kind lads (big up Rob Boffard and his photography buddies) found a pub with a Street Fighter 2 machine that still only cost 20p a go and then proceeded to continuously buy us drinks until we were both shit faced. That night we performed at a gig in Camden with Akil from Jurassic 5 and Louis Logic. But thats a different story.

To make it quite clear, I won somewhere between 20 - 23 matches in a row Vs Stig, Rob & the cameraman, dropping only one round in the process before retiring unbeaten. I told you I'm the BOWSE. Below is a short excerpt from the full interview, the introduction no less, which paints me in an incredibly good light (which is nice seeing as due to my status as Stig's weed carrier, I'm not mentioned again). Check the bottom for the link to the full interview.

Thats part of me on the left, not the right, in case you were wondering. The one on the right is Stig.

Stig Of The Dump is getting his ass kicked. By his hypeman.

Enlish, Stig’s cohort and fellow MC, is an ace Street Fighter 2 player. Hunched over the arcade machine in a Borough pub (“Still at 1991 prices. 20p a go!” enthuses the barman), the clacking of joysticks is broken only by Stig’s effing and blinding as Enlish repeatedly thumps him—and Beatnik, when we take over—into the ground. His new single might boldly proclaim “Fuck Street Fighter, I got game”, but right now, Street Fighter is fucking Stig.

Whether he picks Ken, Blanka or Chun-Li, he still falls to the whirlwind trigger finger of his opponent. “Dragon punch, you bastard!” yells the plus-sized rapper, and a rare first-round win is punctuated by a “Come on! Yes!” accompanied with an air-punch and a gurning victory grimace that would scare small children.

For the full interview peep http://www.beatnikonline.net/features/stig-of-the-dump

Also, in case you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, Stig's debut LP 'Mood Swings' is, and has been, available for some time now. Go cop it if you haven't already, and if you have, either jam it on now or go and buy another copy. Here's a song from it, possibly the best on the LP, mainly due to the incredible guest rapping amazingly tight bars on it (ME).

And you can cop Mood Swings, Mood Swings instrumentals, The Homeless Microphonist EP, the Braindead single, the I Got Game single and your very own HATER T shirt from here : http://stigofthedumpuk.bandcamp.com/


"The Great Pacman Debate"

Since the genesis of home video gaming in the 1980's parents, teachers, psychologists, behavioural therapists and all sorts of other scientific quacks have been trying to figure out whether computer games really do affect the behaviour of children, teenagers and adults in a negative way. I'm not going to get into that whole debate (because the answer is obviously YES, I mean, first person shooters clearly created the global sub culture of taking guns to school in order to cap off teachers and classmates) but instead focus on the whys and wherefores of a more specific statement supposedly made in 1989 by the CEO of Nintendo himself.

This quote was apparently made by one Kristian Wilson, a man entirely UNinfamous as according to the records in 1989 Nintendo was being run by a Japanese geezer by the name of Hiroshi Yamauchi. Yamauchi was in the same position as far back as 1950 and, so 'records' show, still holds the same position today. Legend. That's 61 years! Surely that can't be right....dude must be pushing 100, can you see him throwing himself around the front room and smashing vases off the table with a Wii remote? I can't. Saying that, my great great Uncle Frank fought in both world wars, went swimming every day until he was 100 and finally succumbed to old age at 105, so anythings possible. RIP Uncle Frank.

Donning my Columbo/flasher trenchcoat, complete with cigar and gammy eye, I took it upon myself to seek out the truth behind this urban myth. With the help of the internet, I managed to solve the entire conundrum within roughly 60 seconds. This particular plot wouldn't have made a particularly interesting episode of Columbo, but I don't write Columbo (unfortunately), I write this blog, so go figure.

Upon intense research, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation style, I dug up this short statement from a BRITISH (wooo!) comedian named Mark Brigstocke who had the following to say on the matter :

"It is my joke. I wrote it, then I took the rest of the day off as I was so chuffed with it. I am gutted that it has been claimed and passed around by so many people. Intellectual property law will not save me, the false claims will continue until I am man enough to give it all up. All I can say is — it seems that it is very unlikely that it was written by a Nintendo employee in 1989, being as Pac Man was still around and not much of a childhood memory, there were very few claims that gaming influenced children's behaviour, and that the wording of it is identical to how it has been delivered in my stand up routine for 6 years! For those that are interested it has also been atributed to Bill Gates, but then so has Windows! Bitter? Well perhaps just a little. It was sent to me by someone at Channel 4 a few years back after I did it on Channel 4 in a late night stand up show!"

WOW! Now aren't we all glad thats been cleared up. I tend to believe this Mark Brigstocke character and would like to salute the man on a very astute observation. He was bang on the money.

Pacman gets caught by the Boy Dem shotting food on the corner before a Happy Mondays gig, circa 1990

With regards to computer games, I am a massive nerd for the 8 bit and 16 bit consoles and old arcade machines (Double Dragon, Marvel Vs Capcom, Vendetta etc) but after that I kind of lost track. I own a couple of NES' (one was purchased in Cash Converters with the gun, all the leads and accessories and a couple games for FOUR QUID) a couple of Megadrives (one of which I liberated from a skip a number of years ago with a bag full of games, fucking bonus), a Sega Master System and I still have a Playstation 1 hanging about somewhere, but after Wu Tang : Taste The Pain got played out it pretty much died the death.

Double Dragon for the Sega Master System. Better than the NES version. Courtesy of Dad's attic (again)

Still, don't front on the kid, I got mad skills on various games old and new (ask Tyni or Stig how I get down on any Streetfighter game), I just don't have a PS3 or Xbox 360 of my own. If I did, I'd have even less of a life going on than I do now. I do however own an original Xbox, purchased off of my boy Polish Magic for £70 a couple of years ago. The trip with that is that the things been chipped, meaning it contains literally about 30,000 games ranging from the Atari 2600 & ZX Spectrum and covering every home computer and console system all the way up to the N64. That bitch even has the hard drive unlocked so theres like 15 Xbox games up in there, including the 50 Cent joint and The Warriors. Dr Syntax and I once had an epic, bone crunching fight in the bog while playing The Warriors (an incredible game), which I won by smashing his head repeatedly against the toilet seat. Then we carried on playing the game.

Needless to say I will be wittering on about 'retro gaming' more in the future, as I intend to do with all of the other subjects that I geek out on on a regular basis.

As an aside, my obsessions with ear piercing electronic music, epilepsy inducing graphics, frustratingly difficult gameplay and all computer systems that haven't aged well at all aren't just limited to button bashing and staring mindlessly at television screens. They have also invaded my clothing habits, to a certain extent.

I copped this joint in Australia in December 2009. I think I've worn it once, just before all of the 'cool' kids (who aren't even old enough to remember what a NES is) started rocking similar garms, including those mother fucking Mario '1 Up' mushroom tees that I can't stand (again, because all of those super trendy twats in their late teens wear them).

I would, however, be inclined to break it out once more if I were able to get my hands on one of these beauties :

STANDARD. Now you're playing with power.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dope Cover Art #2

Guilty Simpson, 'Ode To The Ghetto' (Stones Throw, 2008).

This pretty much speaks for itself. Dope picture, super dope LP. Go and cop it if you haven't, you won't be disappointed (by 'cop' I mean 'buy' by the way, but do what you will).

Michael Jordan : 23 Years

Contrary to what you may otherwise think I am not just a fan of the man's brand of shoes but I am also a massive fan of Basketball in general; it just so happens that Michael Jordan is A) the greatest player EVER and B) inspired the creation of the greatest training shoe EVER. I'm not going to drone on about his achievements etc etc, needless to say all you need to do is watch this video below. Entitled '23 Years', it documents, bullet point style, the man's sporting life over that very same period (and 23 just happens to be the number that he wore on his jersey - see what they did there?).

I believe it was made by the US sporting channel ESPN but who cares anyway, just watch it, its a whole bunch of dopeness compacted into about 7 minutes. Oh, and shout to my man Daps who watched Jordan PLAY AT CHICAGO STADIUM IN THE STATES DURING THE 1992 PLAYOFFS and described the experience as "boring". Harald Gloockler would NOT approve.

Pour Out Some Liquor

RIP Apache 22/01/2010

Pretty under the radar for most heads (myself included), Apache started out as a weed (or more likely, Maya Angelou book) carrier for Queen Latifah as part of the Flavo(U)r Unit. So the story goes, he and Treach were roadies for the Queen while Tupac was doing the same for Digital Underground and they toured together, resulting in appearances for Apache not only on 'Pacs first LP but also on Fat Joe's premier release. He was nice with his, check the joint 'Gangsta Bitch' just below.

More info : http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1630352/rapper-apache-dies.jhtml

Deezy's Saturday Jam #2

SWV Featuring Ol' Dirty, Method Man & U-God. Proper.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Jordan Brand Drops 'Black History Month 3s'.... Sean Price says "The Price Is WRONG"

This is for all of my hardcore geek sneaker heads. If you don't like Air Jordans then there is more than likely very little point in you reading any further. You have been warned.

Right, now we've got that out of the way, if you consider yourself a real geek for the sneaks then you will A) appreciate Air Jordans as being some of, if not THE finest training shoe ever created and B) know that the Air Jordan Cement III's are being reissued, coming out tomorrow. 22/01/2011. TOMORROW.

I'm sure you'll agree that these babies are absolutely stunning. If you don't agree, actually fuck off completely. I have never owned a pair of the cement 3s but do own a couple pairs of the royal blue joints, the first of which were bought for me for my 20th birthday by my ex ex girl and that I still own to this day. I actually took them on a round the world trip recently, intent on copping myself a new pair of kicks and disposing of them in the process. I did cop a new pair (brand new, AUTHENTIC Jordan 1s in Vietnam for £14 - BOOM) but still couldn't bear to let go of my very first pair, such are the rosy memories involved.

Observe -

Nearly 10 years old. As you can see, these poor bastards are literally falling to pieces. I had to get some dude at a train station in New Dehli to sew the soles back on, they're that far gone (he tried to rob $100 off me, but thats another story). They have also acquired a rather delightful 'Aladdin Upgrade' (the upward curling of the toe, found on many well worn pairs of kicks across the globe), have lost nearly all comfort and are the colour of a chain smokers teeth. But I can't bring myself to dispose of them.

To offset this heartbreak, in September 2009 (just before I went travelling) I copped a brand new pair that, like my cassette collection, sit in my Dad's attic. Unworn, untouched, still in the box. BEAUTY.

Anyway, I've digressed far enough. This go round, The Jordan Brand have 'cleverly' released the 'Black History Month' Jordan 3s to coincide with.....ummmm.... well, to coincide with Black History Month. Pretty snazzy, not really my cup of tea and will probably be going for 3 times the price of a normal pair, these are for the die hard buy-kicks-to-not-wear-them types.

Peep -

Images jacked from http://solecollector.com/Sneakers/News/Air-Jordan-Retro-3--Black-History-Month--New-Images1/

They're alright. I won't be copping, Id much prefer a pair of the cements in black. Now, the only reason I even found about this release is because the God Body Sean Price (of the world famous Boot Camp Click, also appearing on MY ALBUM which you MUST COP), an incredible rapper/character/sneaker head and original member of the infamous Brooklyn street gang The Decepticons (mainly known for dishing out beatings and the subsequent robbery of the victim's personal effects) posted them up on his Twitter feed and then continued on a hilarious and insightful rant incorporating social commentary, nostalgic memories and a special nod to Spike Lee. What follows is a selection of his musings, mainly written in capitals. FOR EMPHASIS. P!

You can go follow Sean Price on Twitter, @SeanMandela (recommended).











Now peep this. 'Songs In The Key Of Price' (mixtape), Random Axe LP (with Black Milk & Guilty Simpson) and his new solo joint 'Mic Tyson' dropping SOON. I can't wait.