Thursday 31 March 2011

I Like Dreaming...





I've been having some fucking weird dreams recently.

In last nights bizarre dream, I was having an 8 Mile-esque rhyme battle with Rihanna, over beats, 3 X 60 second rounds, in Eddy Piranhas front room. Rihanna went first but didnt have much to say, I went second but she cut me off after 8 bars. I then shouted at the time keeper to say she was cutting me off, but he was busy trying to chirps Rhianna's mate (whoever she was). Luckily, Rhianna saw the injustice in this and we agreed to reschedule the battle for a later date. What a nice lady. At this point I walked out of the house to find myself deserted and lost in a country field with no evidence of my Dad's house or Rihanna in sight. Then I woke up.

That is all.

Wednesday 30 March 2011


Apologies. I made a rookie error with the last leaked track, 'Tender'. It wasn't the finished mix, the vocals are too high. Please delete the version you may have downloaded and go and grab the better version HERE


If I'd signed that contract with Usher, none of this would have happened.

The Lo Files #6 - Mean Muggin'

THE LO MUG (Sponsored by miniature Spiderman)

Good for tea, coffee, liquor and holding assorted stationary and smoking paraphernalia.


Unconscious Shit

I had a dream last night that started with a surfing holiday and ended with me having an epic samurai sword battle with Michael Ironside (pictured) next to a swimming pool. He murked the two surfer guys that were fighting with me, I then disarmed him and proceeded to slice him into pieces, at which point I woke up.

That is all.

Tuesday 29 March 2011


Download HERE


Taken from the forthcoming 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real' LP

'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss' Ft. Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump dropping 23/04/2011. Cop the single from my bandcamp, get a special free gift.


The 'Low Life' Name is coincidental. Big up my man Tek, Busy and all the RF heads.

Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump dropping 23/04/2011. Cop from my bandcamp and get an EXTRA SPECIAL free gift.

Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump dropping 23/04/2011. Cop from my bandcamp and get an EXTRA SPECIAL free gift.

Pour Out Some Liquor TIMES 2 (My Bad)

I am so selfish, forgetting to post on the precise days that these two rappers tragically passed away. Still, the fact remains, I am still alive and have plenty of shit to get up to. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

RIP Eazy E (September 7, 1963 – March 26, 1995)

One of my personal favourites. "The bitch said three words, man... Stop, no and don't. I said BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTCCHHH...."

RIP Freaky Tah (May 14, 1971 – March 28, 1999)

This remix is a lot better than the original, in my humble opinion...


Monday 28 March 2011


New heater for absolute 100% FREE download, available from Dr Syntax's Bandcamp. Go cop that. I wanted this beat originally but got beaten to it (no pun intended). Gutted.

Don't forget, Synners most recent LP 'Benny Huge' is still available so go cop that, and of course go and cop one of his 'Huge' tees (in a choice of sizes), seen here being modelled by a incredibly suave and sophisticated young man.


Having spent the last week in Cornwall back at the crib with my old man, Eddy Piranha, I am now preparing to board the Trans-England rail service back to the city of London. However, during my time here, as well as clocking up another couple of impressive hangovers, I have had the chance to raid the attic ('THE PIRANHA TANK') to see what possessions lie within, and have therefore documented said possessions so I can geek out on them on this blog at a later date, beginning soon. This also includes a number of scanned photographs and fliers etc with all of the associated stories attached. "All types of marvelous shit", as a wise man once said.

Stay tuned goons. I'm off to pack my bags.

Saturday 26 March 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Random Axe....

.... Is right here. Theres a date in there too.

Sean Price, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson. This shit is going to be off the fucking chain, I can't wait.

Let The Battle Commence

European Championship Qualifying

Wales v England, GpG, 15:00

My Dad, Eddy Pirahna, is Welsh. I am English. Today one of us will be laying in a pool of blood on the front room floor (or both of us, if there's no goals).

If England don't win this I'll probably off myself anyway.

Deezy's Saturday Jam #11

In honour of another lovely sunny day (it ain't summer yet though, all you crazy motherfucks already rocking shorts and flip flops), a joint to bump in the whip, day or night. 1.

Friday 25 March 2011

Smoke DZA - Ralph Lifshitz (Official Music Video)

I like Smoke Dza. The 'Substance Abuse' LP is super dope. Piff and Polo. Not convinced by the 'boosting' at the end, but hey.

OH WOW, Guess What!?!?

I'll be back with something worthwhile later on.

Hope you're all feeling better than I do right now JEEZ

Thursday 24 March 2011


Ok, so back in the day, around 2002/2003 (just before I moved to Brighton) when I was 20-odd (pun intended) there was still the remnants of a buzzing Hip Hop scene in Falmouth. By this time a lot of the luminaries had moved onto greener pastures, but there were still a few of the old heads (myself included) holding shit down, keeping it 100, hard body, real talk etc etc etc.

My boys Mick Glacier and Big Lukey (MPT baby!) used to go and paint on the regs. Unfortunately, us being in a picturesque sea side town and all, there wasn't anywhere you could go and do a throw up without a) feeling like a prick for ruining something protected by The English Heritage or b) getting picked up by the feds IMMEDIATELY. Graffiti is no joke down here.

Anyways, through the local skating community (of which I used to be a part of a long, long time ago) we were made aware of an old abandoned meat packing factory (pause) that was basically falling apart and had been fenced off pending redevelopment. The fence didn't last long, of course, as the skater kids tore the fucker down and proceeded to tear the place up, taking along their own mini ramps, rails and all sorts of shit. So, Mick G and Lukey used to go painting there, and I'd sit about smoking and writing bars, wishing I could paint, draw or either (I can't). It was a fucking excellent spot, tucked away in the back of an industrial estate. Observe -

Anyways, after a good few visits to the spot with the fam I started getting restless and bored while they did their pieces, so the next time we were heading up there, I thought fuck it. These were two separate occasions mind you, but both times I dropped about a fiver on cheap shit car paint from Trago Mills and, armed with rough sketches and my geek mind crammed with visions of 8 bit electronic nostalgia, I got to work round the corner from where the real painters were working. Maybe try and imagine Seen and Cope2 throwing up pieces while an ever so slightly retarded friend of theirs does the same thing but a good little way away so as not to embarrass the actual graffiti artists. If I took myself seriously (I DIDN'T), I would be labelled as a 'toy', plain and simple.


WOW. You can even see me puffing a J through the whole in the wall. Gutter. Notice how the 'E' of 'ENLI' (pronounced EN - LYE) is Pacman himself, and he's eating all the other letters in order to get to the jelly dude? WOW. Just WOW. Not bad for a first try, but obviously still piss poor. Still, it was a sunny day, we had piff, beers and there was nothing else to do. Big.

Next up,


Continuing on the 8 bit NES vibe, I did a Megaman, but with a subtle twist. Notice how his skin is BROWN? That's right, constant reader.... I AM MEGAMAN. Unfortunately, despite the fact my characters are obviously terrible (I did say I wasn't serious), my writing is even worse. To compound this, I ran out of paint while I was doing it, but fuck it, I'm a boss. Notice how I've written 'ENli10' (Enlighten) there? Genius. Plus I threw up BTC. Big up P and all the Bad Taste Cru.

Unfortunately, not long after Megaman went up, the powers that be destroyed the entire site and built some sort of office block on it, effectively once again taking away one of the only places that young people in the area had to go to carry out their hobbies in peace and quiet without being scrutinised by the public and/or arrested by the Police. The 'powers that be' will never learn.

Anyway, that's my graf chronicle. As an added bonus I will show you my very first 'piece' (I like to call it a piece, although that is stretching the truth to breaking point), dropped a few days before I got serious with that jacks worth of auto paint. Such a rookie was I, I did the outline in black and THEN tried to fill it in with white. Then, during the taking of the photo, I leant against it and got paint all over my Phat Farm top. ROOKIE.

Hahahaha. Shout outs to Mic Glacier, Big Luke and all the old Falmouth heads. We will inherit the earth.


Wednesday 23 March 2011

Important Notice

I couldn't be arsed to write anything else today, in case you didn't notice.

Go click the Jack Nick pick and download 'Brain Basher' for free though, it's free.

Until next time blog heads


Because I'm back in Cornwall for the week, I now have access to the TWO photographs I have of the TWO and only pieces I ever painted.... Stay tuned blog fans, Eddy Pirahna's attic is going to be hitting you off with a wealth of goodness very, very soon.


Tuesday 22 March 2011

Thirstin Howl III Presents : Jail Recipes Volume 2

Big Vic LO showing you how to get your grub on, on a budget. LL's up ya heard








'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump dropping 23/04/2011 on http://enlish.bandcamp.com*

*Buy the 'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss' (Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump) single from my Bandcamp on 23/04/2011 and get the 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real' LP for FREE DOWNLOAD as a result.



Today : Closed

I got pretty mash up with my boy PG last night, and despite going to bed at a relatively decent hour, I still managed to sleep till 4.30pm. I've spent the last hour watching Shelley Winters as Ma Parker in an old Batman TV show repeat. Incredible.

I'll be back on it tomorrow. Seeing as I'm back in Cornwall for the week, Eddy Pirahna's attic is getting raaaaaaaiiiddded. Stay tuned.

Oh, and while I'm at it........







'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump dropping 23/04/2011 on http://enlish.bandcamp.com*

*Buy the 'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss' (Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump) single from my Bandcamp on 23/04/2011 and get the 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real' LP for FREE DOWNLOAD as a result.



Monday 21 March 2011








'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump dropping 23/04/2011 on http://enlish.bandcamp.com*

*Buy the 'Messed Up/Arrogance Is Bliss' (Ft Sean Price & Stig Of The Dump) single from my Bandcamp on 23/04/2011 and get the 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real' LP for FREE DOWNLOAD as a result.



I'm Going, Going, Back, Back, To.......


What up blog fans, sorry I been gone a couple days, had a pretty fucking mental one in Brighton on Saturday (big up all the crew) and was standardly completely fucked yesterday, hence no posting.

Just spent 5 hours on the train, now I've linked my main man Mick Glacier and we have Peroni and peng. I will be back later to regale you with stories of my various misadventures.

*PS - I'm in Falmouth. Cornwall, baby.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Deezy's Saturday Jam #10

In honour of the sun putting his 59/50 on

Im off to Brighton, and what a day for it. Catch you on the flip.

Friday 18 March 2011

Last Night In Bullet Points

Ok, so In a nutshell, this is what happened.

Spent 4 hours at Show N Proves studio and banged out a number of tracks.

Linked Lee Scott (COTD) for a few pints.

Walked to the 02 Academy with Lee to see the beatboxing while drinking more beers.

Got to the 02, Lee had no ticket or guestlist, so I went in, linked Stig, then came back out and started drinking Stella with Lee. Mistake (the Stella).

Stig gets Lee into the beatboxing. Cruger appears and also blags his way in.

We drink. A lot. Hook up with my homegirl Ria and her friend, whose name now escapes me (sorry darling).

We leave beatboxing. I completely stack it on my ass but somehow manage to make it into some sort of freestyle breaking manouver, attempting to turn a complete self par into something that made me look cool. It might have worked, im not sure.

We go to a bar. Im still drinking.

We start a freestyle cypher outside of said bar. I kill the cypher dead by saying something about pizza (I can't remember, ask Lee Scott). I am very, very drunk by this point.

Get bus to Victoria (3/4am?).

Man with burberry shoes, white jeans, Ted Baker shirt, expensive Sony headphones and Iphone asks me for change. I ask him why. He says because he's hungry. I ask why I should give him money seeing as he obviously has about 500 quid hanging off him. He won't stop. I punch him in the face due to his repeated offending of my sensibilities and apparent selfish 'me me me' complex. A policeman appears. He asks what happened and why. I tell him. The policeman laughs and lets me go. The rich beggar apologises and tells me I've taught him a valuable lesson. I tell him to fuck himself (Stella).

I come home, continue drinking and puffing peng. I stay up till 9am. I wake up at 6pm. Now I go back to bed.

Some of the only photographic evidence of last night -

I'm off to Brighton for the weekend tomorrow, more recording, finish Rap Ain't Real LP, go to J Live gig. I may not be posting much the next couple of days. I'll be back though, you can bet your ass on that.


It's no coincidence.......

....... That Nic Cage rhymes with Big Dave. Here follows a short montage of some of the things I did last night.


Guess what I did last night! Whoops!

Full write up coming soon.

Thursday 17 March 2011

This Is Me Today....

Catch you on the flip. Or later.

Thats What Eye See #10 - RACISM (2)

Shout out all the Australian fam.

This is ridiculous. Cheese? Really?

Thats What Eye See #9 - RACISM (1)

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Get Your Shine On - Scizzahz

If you don't know Scizzahz, get to know now. Im not ashamed to say I'm proud that he's 'my motherfucking protege' (his own words), as my man has been on the grind for a long time now consistently churning out dope material. Not only that, but he mixed and mastered both my 'Heart Shaped Glocks' EP and 'So Massive Volume 3' (as well as dropping a number of guest verses), plus produced and rapped on the Lion's share of our Genius Squad LP 'The Cleverlution'. Add to that the fact he has been overly active on the battle scene for some time now and you'll see that Big Sciz is 110% dedicated to this Hip Hop ting.

There is also the tiny matter of him producing most of the tracks for and mixing and mastering my entire 'Rap Ain't Real' LP and mastering my entire 'Cold Lazarus' LP and you'll understand the reasoning behind the name of his forthcoming LP, 'I Still Work Harder'. Keep an eye out for that.

As an added bonus, check out this Don't Flop battle from tiiiiiiiiiime ago when Sciz and I still flat shared in Brighton. Good times.

Geeking Out With The Space Jam Triple Play Action Set

I've been off my geek tip for a while but I'm coming back hardbody son, real talk. As you all know, I am an avid fan of Michael Jordan, from his skills as a basketball player to the fact he essentially created the greatest line in training shoes EVER. This is an undebatable fact.

So, as an avid fan, it would only be right for me to own Michael Jordan action figures, right? Right. Peep the Space Jam Triple Play Action Set.

Triple play action? Ok, so he's playing three sports, but the figures are not posable in any way, shape or form so I fail to see where the 'action' part comes in. I like the golf one the best, seeing as its completely irrelevant and unrelated to his career, as golf was/is simply an enjoyable pastime for him. It would be like buying a 'Rick Ross Triple Play Action Set', where one figure is rapping, the other figure is shotting coke and the third figure is sitting on the shitter reading a Danielle Steel novel.

Bought at a car boot for 20p many moons ago, in case you were wondering.

Pour Out Some Liquor

I'm genuinely, genuinely sad to hear this. The man will always be a legend in my eyes.

RIP Nate Dogg August 19, 1969 - March 15, 2011

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Life Really Is Real....

This is my brother, who has lived in Japan for the last 10 years, being interviewed in brief on ITN news about the tragic disasters and the subsequent issues the country and its people are now facing. He's about 100km outside the radiation zone. It aired on ITV today at about 13.30pm GMT. Click link below.