Thursday, 10 March 2011

Get Your Shine On - Captain Bukioe

New segment. My peoples need to get their shine on, ya heard?

Far from being just a dope rapper, my man Captain Bukioe is also a bad man artist and illustrator and his pen game is off the chain. I've always been horse shit at drawing which is something I still resent to this day, although I'm relatively competent at rapping, but not many people can claim to be both and have the goods to back it up. Buk can. A persona loosely based on the lazer-gun toting green Hare that some of us may remember from our childhoods, but with the ever so subtly warped angle of a drunken Captain who has manned one space ship too many, the imagery that Buk conjures up is not just confined to an aural capacity but is right there in your face ready to give you two black eyes and a punch drunk hangover to boot.

In his own words -

I didn't go to art college but did study animation at Southampton, where I learnt more about being creative from my flatmates than I ever could on the brain-numbing course. I left and headed back to my grim place of birth,Reading.
With no drive towards the world of animation and at a bit of a loose end, I continued to do the odd bit of freelance and commissioned illustration work, producing a few one off pieces for BT, John Lewis, Oxford University, Coors beer and various venues and bars up and down the south coast. I decided to move to Brighton in 2008.
Here In Brighton Ive been working freelance, alongside a 9-5 and struggling to stay sober.

To be honest, I think he's being a little modest there, but that is a virtuous attribute to be sure. Basically, my man is a problem on the mic and will fuck up any canvas or piece of paper in his vicinity with the quickness.

Having had experience in all aspects of art and design work, from fliers and posters to LP art & design, logos and T shirts, not only does he hold down a position as what I'd like to call the 'silent partner' in Brighton's own booze fuelled super crew Rum Committee (until he grabs the mic, that is) but Buk has also recently dropped an album with his production partner Sherlock Bones under the guise of 'Running Punch'. Received well by fans and critics alike, Buk made sure his product was one step ahead of the game by presenting it in a limited edition illustrated envelope crammed full of stickers, posters, illustrations and all that other good shit that true geeks for the culture like me appreciate. Go cop that if you haven't already, if theres any left in fact. Motherfucking hot cakes. Links below.

Bukioe (glasses) with TC, Prince Kong and Gizmo. 4 of the 80 members of Rum Com.

To check out Buk's art work and make enquiries about how he can pimp your shit out go and have a peep at www.bukioe.com

For info on his work as an MC, including updates, merch and a whole lot more, go check out www.runningpunch.com. Buy something, support real artists doing real work.

Ever wondered who designed Dr Syntax's new tee? Guess what fam. It was Bukioe. You can go cop one now at Dr Syntax's Bandcamp. The gorgeous young model is available to sport (fresh) garms for you at a reasonable price.

Oh, and a special shout out to Buk's wiz, the ever exuberant, well dressed and impeccably tasted interior designer that she is. What up B!? I see you girl!

*PS - Team Hate can drink more than Rum Committee. The gauntlet has been thrown down..... haha. Thems my peoples right there.

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