Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year


Thursday, 19 January 2012

SM Bozack Radio

What do you get if you get super producers 184 & The Purist, vinyl aficionado Joe Bozack and all round SMB/High Focus rap bad boy Dirty Dike together in a room? You get SM Bozack radio stupid. What is you, ignant? Jheeeez.

Basically, the boys get together with a whole bunch of beers, a sprinkling of piff, some killer records and some witty banter and bring you possibly the most entertaining shit you will see or hear since Noels House Party got locked off. Complete with audience interaction and special giveaways it is thoroughly suggested that you tune in to get your fix. The next show goes live on the SM Bozack ustream channel this friday at 7.30 PM (GMT) and features special guest Leaf Dog (High Focus). I was a special guest once. I brought the lads some chicken nuggets and the entire phone convo was taped without my knowledge. I sounded sooo gangsta. They now owe me my own guest spot on the show and a billion pounds. Stay tuned for that.

Check the links below to get involved -




.... And youll have to search for the rest yourselves cause I cant be fucked haha. Enjoy.

Rihanna Blowing Trees

It might be old news but fuck it, its pretty cool. To be fair to the lass she gets panned in the media for supposedly turning a whole generation of little girls into sluts (another convenient scapegoat if you ask me, seeing as most young boys and girls are fuck hungry retards who will end up pregnant anyway), has had Chris Brown hit her with the snooze button (which he paid for by picking litter out of a hedge, smh) and now THIS. Lady Gaga wears a meat bikini, Rihanna smokes a dutch on holiday in Hawaii. And who the fuck wouldn't? I reckon even my old man would have a puff if he was chilling in Oahu on a sun lounger with nothing better to do. Plus ain't she from Barbados? I mean fucking hell,you wouldnt scrutinise some German bird for drinking a beer would you? Maybe if these Daily Mail retards got their heads out of their arses and blazed a few they'd figure this out.

Leave the girl alone and let her get high innit. Still not sure if she's fit though.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Longusto : Lincoln To Brighton Mixtape (Free Download)

Featuring yours truly and a bunch of other reprobates. Its free.


Beat Butcha - 'Perception'

My boy Beat Butcha is an absolute nut on the boards. Having been grinding for years (I met him about 12 years ago, he was wearing a patterned Pure Playaz shirt, thats gangsta) he is now making some serious power moves having been working with Sean Price, Mobb Deep, Mac Miller and G Unit to name but a few.

Please take a moment to fully appreciate this instrumental he hooked up for the one and only Talk Of New York Tony Yayo and also marvel at the absolutely fucking ridiculous visuals to boot. A sight to behold.


Butcha just saw this post and was kind enough to send me through a flick of him in a Pure Playaz shirt ... But its not the same one! Who owns more than one PP button up? Beat Butcha, thats who! Oh, and check out Chemo looking mad prang in the background haha. RIP Guru.