Monday, 16 January 2012

Beat Butcha - 'Perception'

My boy Beat Butcha is an absolute nut on the boards. Having been grinding for years (I met him about 12 years ago, he was wearing a patterned Pure Playaz shirt, thats gangsta) he is now making some serious power moves having been working with Sean Price, Mobb Deep, Mac Miller and G Unit to name but a few.

Please take a moment to fully appreciate this instrumental he hooked up for the one and only Talk Of New York Tony Yayo and also marvel at the absolutely fucking ridiculous visuals to boot. A sight to behold.


Butcha just saw this post and was kind enough to send me through a flick of him in a Pure Playaz shirt ... But its not the same one! Who owns more than one PP button up? Beat Butcha, thats who! Oh, and check out Chemo looking mad prang in the background haha. RIP Guru.

1 comment:

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