Wednesday 31 August 2011

That's What Eye See #19/The Vintage Vaults - Jabba The Hut With A Dutch Master

Pretty much does what it says on the tin. Salacious Crumb in the back with the rolling papers.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Pour Out Some Liquor

RIP Iris. 26 years old. He'd be so fucked off by all this RIP stuff too, classic Jake.


Thursday 25 August 2011

Big Dave TV Vol 4. - Enlish Beats His Meat

Does what it says on the tin.

Monday 22 August 2011


Here is the full version of the video for 'Dickhead'. As an added bonus, and for 24 hours only, there has been a PRICE SLASH BONANZA at enlish.bandcamp.com with the cost of the digi LP dropping to only £3, the CD to £4.99 and the last few USBs going for only £8.99 (including P&P!)!!!


Why delay? BUY TODAY!!!

Friday 19 August 2011

The Best Rap Battle EVER.... And then some

Two good friends of mine and lifelong buddies (pause), Scizzahz & Wizard, doing the damn thing. Nothing in this battle is fabricated; everything they say is 100% reality. And that's whats popular.

Scizzahz - I Still Work Harder - LP Sampler

Scizzahz - Workaholic

Scizzahz - Scrape That

Big Wiz is ALWAYS on his grind. Check for all of his business below, including his new FREE download remix project and his infamous beat batch, where everything is for sale (unless otherwise stated).

'Spare Time' Remixes


Beats for sale (some of which have already been claimed by me!)



Thursday 18 August 2011

Not Doing School Work & Drawing Wu Tang Symbols Instead

Now, before I started writing and rapping, before I started DJing, shit before I even lost my virginity one thing was made completely and utterly clear to me. By any means necessary I had to be able to freehand a Wu Tang symbol that was as close to perfect as was possible. This particular endeavour began in 1993 at the age of 11 and continued on until around age 19, so in essence what I'm saying is that I spent the best part of my time in full time education dedicated to drawing hundreds and hundreds of W symbols instead of actually paying attention in class. They say you should live life without regret; then again, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, on one of my recent architectural digs in THE PIRANHA TANK I came across an old 6th form college diary from when I was 17, complete with a Thirstin Howl 'Polorican' sticker on the front and containing far more crude Wu Tang symbols and absolutely AWFUL rhymes (in my best attempt at 'grafitti handwriting') than references to or evidence of actual college work. I'm not saying I was a bad student, I was actually pretty good, but it was somewhat of a blast from the past to see exactly how obsessive I had become during that 6 year period. Unfortunately it seems that my ability to draw Wu Tang symbols and my ability to write lyrics were pretty much on par with each other in 1999. Thankfully my abilities in both fields have improved since then (I hope).

I don't really know what the point of this is, but I scanned a single page from this diary, and here it is, complete with one 'lyric' on the page (you will see what I mean about the handwriting). There was a whole 8 or 12 bars underneath but upon reading I deemed them to be so incredibly embarrassing that I decided to omit them from the picture for my own protection. The one that is there is more than enough.

"Hoes shout cause I grow sprouts - that's disgusting." Genius stuff. It actually shows I had a basic grasp of multi syllabics, but funnily enough that one line never found its way into a verse entire. There's stacks more of these in The Tank, literally stacks and stacks, which I will aim to rifle through next time I'm headed back to the motherland.

And in case you were wondering, the years of dedication and study paid off. I can now draw a virtually perfect Wu symbol without any visual aids (pause) or tracing paper. Like they say, no regrets. No regrets Dave, no regrets.

*Edit* - Google chucked this up, one that Method Man drew himself. Im officially better haha

That's What Eye See #18 - She Aint Ugly, She's OOGLY

Nuff said.

Wednesday 17 August 2011


... Pour Out Some Liquor & Deezy's Saturday Jam. I just simply can't remember to do it, so it doesn't and won't get done forever, starting now.

New Beatnik Feature. I'm Ballin'.

^ All day baby.

Less of an interview/review, seemingly more of a kind off off-the-wall psych profile, Beatnik Online have just posted a little piece about me here. Go peep that. Words by Rob Boffard, flicks courtesy of Romain Kedochim. I wore new Jordans just for the occasion too.

2 points that were incorrect in this write up - A) I most certainly AM the best rapper out of the FU Music camp and B) my inside game is INCREDIBLE. I don't know what Rob was talking about there, his fingers must have slipped on the keyboard. Dont test the kid on the court.... although you wouldnt really get a chance, as my knees and ankles are legitimately fucked, but with a few hundred quids worth of straps, supports and bandages I'm a regular Bill Wennington haha.

Have a read. At the very least you can't say im lying when I say say that 'my life is real'.

PS - To any aspiring battle rappers who might be reading this, try harder.

David Starkey... The Best Anti-Rap Rapper

The original, bigoted white man spiel

The FYAH remix


Lo Down In London (Short Film)

Ok, so before you watch this (if you watch it at all, of course), there are a couple of small details I would like to make clear. First off, the LRLC as it currently stands do NOT claim to be Lo Lifes, as that would be ridiculous. When gangs of boosters were running roughshod around NY taking garms, I was about 6 years old. Bearing in mind that im probably the oldest member of the 'crew', to even consider putting myself on the same level as the OG founders would just be plain ridiculous, hence us referring to ourselves as affiliates, and nothing more. Its a respect thing.

Also, if I'm being truly honest, I'm not particularly happy with how this thing turned out, specifically the last few minutes of the film, where one lad (Seth, who I havent actually ever met) is left on his ones like a plum because no other fucker turned up to the photo shoot. Now, my issue is that the way that this thing has been edited (i.e. footage of ME playing the fool while the voiceover explains how pitiful it is that nobody turned up) makes me specifically look like a complete twat, whereas in fact I was actually en route to the spot when I received a phone call telling me not to bother because nobody else showed up.. So, I didnt go, and then lo and behold (no pun intended) it is made to look like I am the primary culprit in the almighty flop that the 'event' was. Yes, I wasnt there on time, but I was on my way.

So, with that in mind, go ahead and watch. The true fact of the matter is that as a unit we're.... well, in all honesty, we're barely a unit at all. It's not a personal thing, but London is a big city, we all live in different areas and all lead different lifestyles and therefore have completely different schedules. Bottom line is that I love Hip Hop and I love Polo. Thats about all you need to know, really.

Lo-Down In London from Broken Antenna on Vimeo.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

That's What Eye See #17 - The Greatest Gift Of All Time

A special gift from a very dear friend to celebrate the end of my employed life, many years ago. You may have to look closer to see the engraving.

Cheers Ra. A very thoughtful gift and a very heartfelt message. 32 GB as well.... Oh yeah, im balling over here motherfucker.

DICKHEAD Video Teaser Trailer


Thursday 11 August 2011

UK Riot Rap

I'm not going to bother going into any detail, if you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen all of my rantings and ravings already. Anyways, if you havent already, check these, fresh from Skriblah, Reveal and Genesis Elijah. Also peep Reveal on Newsnight at the end.

I Predict a Riot by RevealPoison

Thursday 4 August 2011

Random White Basketball Players Vol. 2


Look at this goofy motherfucker. Can someone say "the hills have eyes"? Check out that horribly inbred face and hick mullet. Something really not kosher about that. Also, his birthday is 1955 and his first NBA season is 1985. WTF? Who lets a guy looking like this into the league at age 30? He looks like he should be wearing overalls and fixing brakes somewhere in the deep south. Lets have a look at the stats.

85/86 - 9.3 ppg
86/87 - 7.0 ppg
87/88 - 7.2 ppg
88/89 - 6.4 ppg
89/90 - 6.4 ppg
90/91 - 5.4 ppg

So, apart from a MASSIVE surge in productivity by 0.2 ppg between '87 and '88, Brad's career was on a steady decline as soon as he started playing.

He must have got home after every game, saw Craig Ehlo and Mark Price on the TV and started crying his eyes out. How shit.

Previously : Random White Basketball Players Vol. 1

Did I mention?

http://bigdavesbodega.bigcartel.com - Cheaper option than bandcamp.


Only a few USBs left. Rap Ain't Real & Sunny still available for free d/l.