Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Beatnik Feature. I'm Ballin'.

^ All day baby.

Less of an interview/review, seemingly more of a kind off off-the-wall psych profile, Beatnik Online have just posted a little piece about me here. Go peep that. Words by Rob Boffard, flicks courtesy of Romain Kedochim. I wore new Jordans just for the occasion too.

2 points that were incorrect in this write up - A) I most certainly AM the best rapper out of the FU Music camp and B) my inside game is INCREDIBLE. I don't know what Rob was talking about there, his fingers must have slipped on the keyboard. Dont test the kid on the court.... although you wouldnt really get a chance, as my knees and ankles are legitimately fucked, but with a few hundred quids worth of straps, supports and bandages I'm a regular Bill Wennington haha.

Have a read. At the very least you can't say im lying when I say say that 'my life is real'.

PS - To any aspiring battle rappers who might be reading this, try harder.

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