Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lo Down In London (Short Film)

Ok, so before you watch this (if you watch it at all, of course), there are a couple of small details I would like to make clear. First off, the LRLC as it currently stands do NOT claim to be Lo Lifes, as that would be ridiculous. When gangs of boosters were running roughshod around NY taking garms, I was about 6 years old. Bearing in mind that im probably the oldest member of the 'crew', to even consider putting myself on the same level as the OG founders would just be plain ridiculous, hence us referring to ourselves as affiliates, and nothing more. Its a respect thing.

Also, if I'm being truly honest, I'm not particularly happy with how this thing turned out, specifically the last few minutes of the film, where one lad (Seth, who I havent actually ever met) is left on his ones like a plum because no other fucker turned up to the photo shoot. Now, my issue is that the way that this thing has been edited (i.e. footage of ME playing the fool while the voiceover explains how pitiful it is that nobody turned up) makes me specifically look like a complete twat, whereas in fact I was actually en route to the spot when I received a phone call telling me not to bother because nobody else showed up.. So, I didnt go, and then lo and behold (no pun intended) it is made to look like I am the primary culprit in the almighty flop that the 'event' was. Yes, I wasnt there on time, but I was on my way.

So, with that in mind, go ahead and watch. The true fact of the matter is that as a unit we're.... well, in all honesty, we're barely a unit at all. It's not a personal thing, but London is a big city, we all live in different areas and all lead different lifestyles and therefore have completely different schedules. Bottom line is that I love Hip Hop and I love Polo. Thats about all you need to know, really.

Lo-Down In London from Broken Antenna on Vimeo.

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