Thursday, 4 August 2011

Random White Basketball Players Vol. 2


Look at this goofy motherfucker. Can someone say "the hills have eyes"? Check out that horribly inbred face and hick mullet. Something really not kosher about that. Also, his birthday is 1955 and his first NBA season is 1985. WTF? Who lets a guy looking like this into the league at age 30? He looks like he should be wearing overalls and fixing brakes somewhere in the deep south. Lets have a look at the stats.

85/86 - 9.3 ppg
86/87 - 7.0 ppg
87/88 - 7.2 ppg
88/89 - 6.4 ppg
89/90 - 6.4 ppg
90/91 - 5.4 ppg

So, apart from a MASSIVE surge in productivity by 0.2 ppg between '87 and '88, Brad's career was on a steady decline as soon as he started playing.

He must have got home after every game, saw Craig Ehlo and Mark Price on the TV and started crying his eyes out. How shit.

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