Friday, 14 January 2011

How LO Can You Go? #1

So, Thirstin Howl III, one of the founding fathers of the original Lo Lifes has just started his 'How Lo Can You Go?' series on youtube, showing all the toy 'Lo Lifes' out there whats really good with Polo...Basically, it ain't all about the clothes. For this reason, and the fact that you dun know I rep the LRLC (peace to Don Silk) I thought I'd start exhibiting some bits and pieces of Lo myself. Observe, if you will, the first Lo entry of (hopefully) many....


So, the Ralphie Bear is a bit scuffed up but I had to put in some practice for those $10,000 a hole games with Diddy and Michael Jordan, standard. You won't see me taking these babies to the driving range though; you're more likely to see me drop them into a Lo sock and then start swinging it at haters. Its all about the Lo baby.

As an aside, you must watch this video, the first single off of Thirstin Howl III's upcoming LP Natural Born Skiller featuring the one and only Professor X (RIP). This shit bangs.

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