Saturday, 22 January 2011

Michael Jordan : 23 Years

Contrary to what you may otherwise think I am not just a fan of the man's brand of shoes but I am also a massive fan of Basketball in general; it just so happens that Michael Jordan is A) the greatest player EVER and B) inspired the creation of the greatest training shoe EVER. I'm not going to drone on about his achievements etc etc, needless to say all you need to do is watch this video below. Entitled '23 Years', it documents, bullet point style, the man's sporting life over that very same period (and 23 just happens to be the number that he wore on his jersey - see what they did there?).

I believe it was made by the US sporting channel ESPN but who cares anyway, just watch it, its a whole bunch of dopeness compacted into about 7 minutes. Oh, and shout to my man Daps who watched Jordan PLAY AT CHICAGO STADIUM IN THE STATES DURING THE 1992 PLAYOFFS and described the experience as "boring". Harald Gloockler would NOT approve.

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