Monday, 31 January 2011

The Disappearing Act - My Life Is Real

*DISCLAIMER - I've been a bit wayward the last few days. Do forgive my pigeon style writing and general lack of pop. It'll come back. Just not for a couple days haha*

Peace all, As some of you may recall, on Friday night I went and hooked up with an oooooooold friend that I hadn't seen in a while in East London for a few bevvies. Of course, a few bevvies turned into a few thousand bevvies which then inevitably led to, shall we say, 'extra curricular' intoxicants coming into play. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so take our friend Raekwon 'The Chef' For example.

The debauchery begins roughly around 6pm on Friday night. I'm home by 9.30am on saturday morning, still drinking whiskey, packing my bag for Brighton. I get to Brighton about 13.30pm Saturday, immediately head round to 184's crib, and it goes like this -

Which, predictably, left me feeling slightly blurry. I must admit, the rest of Saturday night is a bit of a mystery, but I know I did hook up with Hines and hit the pub. Sunday I woke up at 4pm (oh the shame) but still managed to drag my sorry carcass out of bed to hit up Scizzahz' studio and FINISH MY RAP AINT REAL LP. Exclusives coming soon so keep 'em peeled for that. Anyway, the time at Sciz', followed by another trip to 184's to retrieve my phone charger essentially led to this sort of behaviour -

I managed to make it back to my holiday home in one piece though thankfully, albeit a few brain cells lighter but with a completed (and, if I do say so myself, rather dope sounding) LP in my pocket. I'm supposed to be getting the train back to LDN today but thought fuck that as its Brighton's premier open mic night, Slipjam B, on tuesday and I havent had a good old spit in a fair few months. Plus its the 'Rhyme Date' version so I can show all and sundry how I'm mad smooth like Big Daddy Kane and Oran 'Juice' Jones.

Stay tuned for further updates my peoples (if Im with it enough to type it), brand new shit coming soon, album previews on the way. Holla at me.


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