Friday, 14 January 2011

And so it begins....

"The motherfucking start of your ending" - Mobb Deep

So here it is, the beginning of the premature end of my new blog, destined to be over-posted in for about 3 weeks, left for a year or so, then finally deleted when I have accepted that I simply can't be fucked to continue. Let us hope not.

So, as my second official act, I'm going to point you towards my music, such as it is, in anticipation of my imminent LP releases.


Ive compacted the 'Best Of' So Massive Volumes 1 & 2 to (i.e. I've removed all of the songs that I literally can't bear to listen to), together and uploaded So Massive 3, 'Is That One Mine?' complete with three bonus tracks not available on the original CD. You also get all the cover art, fliers and some other shit with it to sweeten the deal. Sweetest of all is that they are FREE FREE FREE so get in there now and get yours before I run out of free downloads on Bandcamp.

I have also uploaded the epic, romantic EP for the ages, Willy Emotion's 'Heart Shaped Glocks'. This is for grown men only, all you young fucks that think its not cool to be smooth with women need not apply. Ask Ghostface. To separate the wheat from the chaff I have put this little baby up for the bargain price of £1, for 2 reasons. 1) It'll weed out all you motherfuckers who never pay for music (i.e. the men from the boys, girls from the women etc) and 2) I actually put a little bit of money into getting Donwill from Tanya Morgan on there, so I figure its only right I put a small cover charge on there.

You'll be glad to know that I've made a whole FIVE POUNDS since midnight last night so things are going from worst to worse at least. Any support is greatly appreciated, that includes the free downloads, so go ahead and download to your hearts content.

The main reason for this mass uploading (it took me fucking HOURS) is to give me some very low level promotion toward my two LPs dropping before spring time, 'Rap Ain't Real' (the namesake of this very blog) and the 'long awaited' (read : its taken me fucking ages) Cold Lazarus LP. The latter features Sean Price of the Boot Camp Click, my main men (pause) Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax and DJ Manipulate, production from Ido and many more features. Keep an eye out for that.

Until next time, get downloading and I'll be back soon with some 'shit for your ass'. 1

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