Saturday, 19 February 2011

.....YOU AINT GOT SHIT TO DO!!!!! (Apart From Watch The Cartoon At The End)

Friday. How can you NOT love this flick (actually, if you don't/never used to get high, I could possibly understand, but still)? It dropped in 1995, when I was 13, and had just picked up the (weed) pipe. I've barely put it down since. Chances are, at least I'd like to think, that most of you reading this have seen the flick so therefore there is absolutely no point in me going into any detail as far as the plot.

Needless to say, if you haven't seen it, and, more importantly, if you haven't seen it and you're a smoker then cancel all of your plans, grab a copy any which way you can, roll up and watch it NOW. You don't know who you messin' with baby! It's smoke dog baby!

The soundtrack is also excellent, the main reason being that it introduced my THC addled teenage mind to the works of both Rick James and Roger Troutman (double RIP), both absolute musical geniuses and legends in their own right. Go cop that.

Anyway, we all know about Friday, or at least we all should know about Friday. One thing I DIDN'T know, and this was something that my Wiz, Lil' Tika, put me up on is that at some point in the past there was an animated TV series of Friday made, and from what I've seen, its actually quite amusing.

Here follows an excerpt from episode one of season two, The Notorious T.R.E.E. Craig and Smokey notice a likeness of Biggy (RIP) on a tree in Craigs back yard and it causes a stir in the neighborhood. It's actually quite amusing and well written in parts, stacked with references that only heads could appreciate. Unfortunately the availability of episodes on the net seems to be pretty limited but if you enjoy it and you search hard enough you may be able to find some more. Peep.

As an aside, what in the fuck happened to Chris Tucker? He did the Rush Hour joints and then seemed to drop off the map completely. Not that I'm particularly bothered of course, but you know, I'm just saying. He should make a comeback as Smokey. That's probably where he went wrong, in fact; renouncing weed somoking in order to become a wholesome family entertainer. What a berk.

RIP Smokey.

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