Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cage Kennylz. Visuals, Bio, FREE DOWNLOAD. Read it.

I fucking love this flick. I think its one of his first promo shots, maybe from The Source's 'Unsigned Hype' column.

Download link is at the bottom for all you bum-ass, no reading type of motherfuckers.

Ive always been an on/off fan of Cage (I lost interest around the Smut Peddler era, then got back into dude's music around Hell's Winter era, now, if I'm being honest, can't stand his new shit), not just because of the music but cause his life story is just so fascinating, fucked up and, well...... straight out of a book I suppose you could say. I've put together a small complilation of mp3s for you to download from his earlier (read : more fucked up) days, including some unreleased gems you might not have heard. Anyway, check the write up, I'll be harping in with my own comments in italics because I'm really fucking cool.

The part of this bio/write up that I have used has been jacked from this blog right HERE

Born Chris Palko in W├╝rzburg, Germany, Cage was born to a father in the military. When Cage was four, his father was dishonorably discharged for selling and using heroin. The family returned to upstate New York, where Cage's father continued using heroin, even at times making his son pull the tourniquets around his arm as he shot up. When Cage was eight, his father was arrested during a police standoff. His father was threatening his family with a shotgun when the state troopers arrived. Eventually, Cage was kicked out of high school while living with his mother and abusive stepfather. His stepfather beat him repeatedly, so violently that he left a scar above Cage's eye. Like his father, Cage began using drugs, including LSD, mescaline, weed, and booze. His mother sent him back to Germany to live with his uncle, where he was often beaten. - A lot of this is described in excruciating detail on the 'Hell's Winter' LP - go check that out.

Returning from Germany after only a year, Cage fell into trouble frequently, getting arrested multiple times for drug possession and violent altercations. By the age of 16, he found himself on probation. So, when he was arrested again, his mother argued that he was mentally unstable and had him sent to the Stony Lodge mental institution.

Cage stayed at the mental institution for a total of eighteen months, where he became a guinea pig for a drug that was eventually released as Prozac. As with many kids misdiagnosed with depression, Cage was put on Prozac and became suicidal. On multiple occasions, he attempted suicide, first by trying to hang himself by his shoelaces, and then by trying to overdose on his lithium medication. Due to his so-called mental instability, he was often confined to a straitjacket for up to 13 hours.

Look at the state of this brer. Fucking mental.

When he turned eighteen, Cage was released. However, due to the effects of all the medication and "treatments," Cage had developed into a bi-polar young man. Nonetheless, while at Stony Lodge, he became a fan and student of hip-hop. While locked up at "The Lodge," Cage focused inwardly on his storytelling and lyrical delivery. So, when he got out, he began rapping under the name "Alex," as in the character from A Clockwork Orange.

This book, being so relevant to his life, goes on to be frequently referenced in his lyrics and artwork, especially in the track "Agent Orange." With his tortured imagination and grotesque imagery, Cage made a name for himself on the New York underground circuit. Through his contacts with Pete Nice (3rd Bass), Bobbito Garcia, and DJ Stretch Armstrong, Cage began performing at the late night mix shows. Around this time, Nice and Garcia were contracted with major-label Columbia Records and had an imprint, Hoppoh Records. Since they both respected and understood Cage's style and delivery, they were near signing him to their label. Unfortunately, every time Cage was set to record, he was too high to spit anything decent.

Cage & Necro circa 'Agent Orange' era (see how Cage is wearing orange? See what he did there?)

He lost the Columbia record deal and eventually moved back home and got deeper into drugs. He also found out that he was having a child. in 1997, after 3 years away from the game, Cage released a 12" of "Agent Orange" on Bobbito Garcia's newly formed Fondle 'Em Records.

The 'Ludovico Technique' of aversion therapy seen in the film to stop Alex's violent tendencies. Malcolm McDowell was actually nearly blinded during the filming of this scene. If Cage was strapped to a bed and forced to eat drugs 13 hours a day, I can see why he might have related to the character in the flick

......... And the rest is history. He's released a bunch of LPs since then, ranging from psychotic, drugged out, violent and sexually fucked up to transitional and ultimately cathartic. I suggest you go check out 'Movies For The Blind' closely followed by 'Hell's Winter' if you want a small window into the life transitions this brer has gone through. What is also amazing is how long he's been in the game..... Cage was best friends with DJ Subroc, MF Doom's brother and crew member in KMD, and was also the last person to see Subroc alive in '94 on the night he tragically passed away. Now there's some history for you right there; dude's career goes back a loooong way.

Rap Ain't Real's short Cage compilation of some of his earlier, rawer works. Go peep his whole catalogue though, it's quite an experience (if you can stomach it). I don't know who he's signed to etc etc these days as I'm not a fan of his new LP 'Depart From Me', but you never know, I've X'd him off once before and come back to enjoy his music. Stranger things have happened.


Direct link : http://www.zshare.net/download/862851911a97fd46/

Tracklist :

Agent Orange (Prod. Necro)
The Illest 4 Letter Word
RadioHead (Prod. Necro)
The Muppet Show
Down The Left Hand Path
In Stoney Lodge
Suicidal Failure


  1. Wow, that really made me think, guna download his music now, thanks - Lyricist

  2. Word bruv. Go check his whole discog. Buy it if you can. Thanks for peeping, 1

  3. No surprise that I like his early stuff, rank punches and threats. What's not to like?

    This track from an old Fondle 'Em 12" is great too, full of Eminem disses and other such nonsense. Great beat as well.

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