Tuesday, 8 February 2011

At The Telly. The Overlook Telly.

I've been going out of my fucking mind for the last hour or so looking into all this PRS and digital distribution stuff in order to put my LP out. I'm literally going mad. I have to get the hell off of my laptop, soon, otherwise something bad is going to happen.

I'm not joking. I might just flip out and go Jack Torrance on somebody. It's not impossible.

I fucking love The Shining. The book and the movie. Unfortunately, Stephen King did not agree with Stanley Kubrick's epic vision of his own masterpiece and decided to take it upon himself to re-make it as a 3 part TV series (or something). Needless to say it was a bag of hot dog egg (not that I have actually seen it, I just assume its the same as every other movie that Stephen King has put his name on.... shit). Book is dope. Movie is dooooope; music, atmosphere, acting, camera shots, the whole 9. Go watch it.

I'll be dropping a single off of the 'Rap Ain't Real' LP entitled 'Brain Basher' pretty soon. Produced by Scizzahz. You'll see how much The Shining has influenced our sensibilities. Watch out for that.

The other single great thing about this movie is the fact that there is a scene where you actually see Kanye West giving one of his groupies a blowjob in a side room. Apparently they were doing 'The College Dropout' LP photo shoot in the same hotel and at the same time as this film was made and decided to leave it in there for posterity. RIP Stanley Kubrick. What a legend.

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