Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thats What Eye See #4 - Remember LOST?

For those that didn't know, I used to work for The Dharma Initiative. This photo was taken at the Bi-Annual Dharma dinner and dance. Shortly afterward, Ben Linus and I went out to the swings and smoked a Dharma blunt with Ethan and got high as hell. Good times.

Anyway, I used to work in the Swan station waaaay before that punk ass motherfucker Desmond. As a keepsake of all those happy times pushing the button, I nicked a saucepan from the crib and bounced before Big Ben gassed up all of my co workers. It now lives in my Brixton kitchen and is used to cook an assortment of foods. If you didn't want to wait till the end of the series you should have asked me. Need to get back to the island, still.

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  1. haha crazy!...where did u manage to meet michael emerson??