Monday, 21 February 2011

Ruff Snippets "Stealing Words Vol.1" Remix LP FREE DOWNLOAD

My man Ruff Snippets, operating out of Brighton, has just dropped this FREE D/L EP featuring him recreating Hip Hop tracks using his own masterful skill on the boards. I'm actually doing an EP with the man himself, due out this year, tentatively titled 'Slumdog Hundredaire'. Keep an eye out for that.

Here followeth the blurb, written by the man himself. Download link is at the bottom. Go cop that.

I started making hip hop about 8 years ago, around the time when there was plenty of ill shit coming out. I got into it mainly through DJing and learning about beats that way. I started on my old laptop just choppin' loops up of old soul and jazz shit on reason. Then about 5 years ago i discovered the magic of the MPC. It allowed me to chop samples and lay drums in a way that i could never manage on just software alone. Since then i've just been trying to develop my style and come out with something new and original, which is always the challenge of making good music. I was inspired by a new way of making hip hop from the likes of Madlib, Dilla and Oh No. That rugged style of production just gave me that extra push i needed in terms of inspiration.

For the remix album i just had to look to the library for some beats that i wanted to put out, both old and new. On the album is a variety of styles from purely choppin' loops the oldschool way, to playin around with synths and instruments. There's a variety of techniques using software to mix digitally, but also sending shit through an old analogue mixer. Then it was just about layin' some dope acapellas on top. I selected some of my favourite bars and verses from legendary rappers and singers in the game. And that's about all there was to it. I wanted to provide some shit for people to listen to for free, just for the love. Give it a listen.

You heard the man. "I wanted to provide some shit for people to listen to for free, just for the love. Give it a listen."

What is you? Ig'nant? GO DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW ----> HERE <----



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