Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More FREE Music - Genius Squad - The Enlish (ME) Parts



Ok, so heres the cuts from the Genius Squad LP/Mixtape that we dropped last year and that I feature on. I'm actually last on most of the joints because I'd bowl back from the pub off my nut and find the lads recording, then crowbar my way onto the end of the track. Real classy.

Rapper Order -

1. Cleverlution Intro - N/A
2. Six Sick Sixteens - Hines, Vecks, Scizzahz, Conflix, Influx, Enlish
3. Jesus Squad - Vecks, Scizzahz, Tai, Enlish
4. South Toast - Scizzahz, Vecks, Enlish
5. Last Line Cypher - Vecks, Scizzahz, Influx, Enlish
6. G.E.N.I.U.S - Enlish, Vecks, Tai, Scizzahz
7. Jungle Love - Scizzahz, Enlish, Vecks
8. Nothin' But - Scizzahz, Vecks, Enlish

The boys might kill me for jacking these parts and putting 'em up for free, but fuck it. If they shoot me, hopefully my LP sales will increase.

The FULL project is still available HERE -


Original 'Press Release' :

This project is the result of far too much drink, smoke, chemical substances, fast food, free time and - for one of us - a serious Haribo addiction.
Put together by Brighton's infamous Genius Squad over a few hazy years, it's a little slice of history.
It ain't perfect, but we like to think it's got soul.

Hope you people catch as many jokes listening as we did making it.

released 03 September 2010
released 03 September 2010
All tracks written and performed by Genius Squad 2006-2009

All tracks mixed and mastered by Scizzahz

*Make sure you keep an eye out for my Rap Ain't Real & Cold Lazarus albums dropping soon, preceded by the AA side single Arrogance Is Bliss/Brain Basher produced by Ido and Scizzahz respectively. 'Arrogance' features Sean Price (BCC), Stig Of The Dump and DJ Manipulate. Keep an eye out for that.

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