Thursday, 20 October 2011

Today's Agenda

First of all, my normally god like mental capabilities have been severely compromised by the combination of lack of sleep coupled with too much coffee, resulting in me feeling like a keyed up zombie with a migraine. Not a good start then. To make matters even worse I've finally sat down to string together these bars for what may prove to be my final participation in the WRITTEN battle scene, at the Don't Flop Blood In The Water 5 event the weekend of November 14/15th. And, once you've seen what I'm about to show you, I think you'll agree that it is no wonder that I've procrastinated over this for so long. I mean, look at what I've got to deal with here.

But wait, it gets worse.... Massive pause on this by the way, but check this shit out

The worst thing about doing written battles is having to sit through hours of bullshit battles to make sure that you don't use the same insult or something even slightly similar as someone else has already used. This misery is compounded when you've got to spend that time looking at someone as ugly and weird as this dude right here. I'm just poking fun of course, I understand the geezer is a thoroughly nice guy but A) I'm getting on my WWF trash talking BS and B) regardless of the strength of his character, in my opinion there really is no excuse for A) the beard B) the dreads and C) uploading a video of yourself topless on youtube. So I'm having a dig. I don't do those bullshit 10 minute long faux beef 'vlogs', this is as close as I get. Another example of my lifelong affinity with procrastination.

It's not all bad though. When Lil' Tika gets back from her daily grind we'll be hitting up central for some dinner followed by a pleasant evening of drinks and dancing. Word is a barbershop trio are in town who will be harmonising soothing melodies as we gently waltz the evening away. I can't wait. Here is a promotional advert for said entertainment -


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