Monday, 17 October 2011

The Onset Of Winter...

... Has begun, in a less than traditional sense. Its still nice everyday and the temperature has only just started to drop ever so slightly. Global warming innit.

Anyway. When I first started writing this blog I swore to myself that I would keep it going for at least a year and also promised myself that I wouldnt leave it in a completely neglected form for too long. It seems that ive managed to just about keep one of the two promises at a 50% average, so I'm not doing too badly. In all honesty, the summertime is not really ideal with regards to me sitting in front of a computer, and now the shitty winter months are getting ready to set in I am, against all of the odds, attempt to get this ball rolling again.

Fact of the matter is the relatively healthy readership I initially amassed through tireless daily posting has probably slipped by the wayside somewhat, but I will prevail and keep things moving for those of you that are still interested.

Stay tuned for more bullshit talk, hip hop anecdotes, 80's film and memorabilia obsession, talk of clothes, hoes and kicks. There'll also be more music coming soon as well, so keep the peepers peeled for all the good shit.


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