Thursday, 27 October 2011

Random White Basketball Plavers Vol. 3


On the front, Joe Wolf has the looks and the name of an All American hero destined for great things. The back of the card tells a different story however. First of all, look at this motherfucker's mullet. You might have got away with this in the 1980's but even in the early 90's this must have been somewhat of a faux pas. Fair enough the NBA wasn't necessarily as 'cool' as it is now with regards to players rocking outrageous tattoos and colour coordinated accessories, but god damn it, if MJ couldn't wear his black and red Jordan ones in the league surely Joey here should have had some sort of restrictions placed on his hairstyle. Lets look at the stats.

From 4 NBA season totals -

GP = 259
FG% = .422
FT% = .783
REB= 1090
AST = 380
STL = 160
BLK = 87
PTS = 1615 / AVG = 6.2 PPG

So, a pretty lackluster career in all. Add to this the criminal length of his shorts (you ain't John Stockton, buddy) and those Converse that he's rocking and the only notable thing about Joes career is his throwback, which of course wasn't a throwback then, it was just a jersey. Also, to add insult to injury I don't suppose he actually owned it, just borrowed it to underperform in.

Winston Wolf he was not.

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