Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Granville Sessions : Pubsteppin'

Big up the big man Aaron Jackson, not only is dude a top notch writer for Knowledge Magazine (www.kmag.co.uk) who has also been kind enough to feature yours truly in the publication, but he is also a certified bad man with the bars alongside his cohorts in Granville Sessions, a crew local to myself in the dutty streets south of the river. Be sure to check their debut LP 'No State' being released through Brixton based Trinity Music on 1st August 2011. See below for the video and further info on the crew.

(Video made by Chris Hugall)

"Since forming in the summer of 2008 Granville Sessions have supported the likes of Necro,Coki, Congo Natty, Kashmere, Stig of The Dump, Tenor Fly, and many more established acts. The band pride themselves on their live show and deliver a weighty combination of sample based productions and live instrumentation. The sound draws on a wide range of influences and is constantly evolving, Hip Hop is definitely the foundation of their sound but dont be suprised if you hear elements of Reggae, Jungle and even Afro Beat along the way. In terms of vocals the bands three MCs; Mnsr Frites, Luca Brazi and The Archetype, endeavour to honour the tradition of MCing through their work. Many topics are covered; some jovial, some serious. In short, they're a must-see for any live Hip Hop fan."


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  1. Tidy - first look at these cats and they sound dope.