Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mr Busy Presents The Sun Tape (Compilation) Vol 1 - FREE DOWNLOAD

Greetings all. First off, apologies for the blog not being as incredibly balling as usual, the truth is that I've been hard at work getting ready to put out the single, 2 LPs and an EP within the next couple of months, plus I have an actual real life to live as well (hence the name of this very blog). Add to that the fact that the sun has been blazing down for over a week now and I seem to be finding myself with less time to blog as of late. Worry not though, constant reader, as this trend will not continue. I'll be back on my blogging bullshit as soon as all of the various pies that my fingers are stuck in have cooled down a bit.

Anyway, by way of apology and also by way of this fucking magnificent weather, I have compiled a gift for all of you sexy, read-my-blog type motherfuckers, in the form of a Summer Mixtape. Please find below the track listings and download links for 'Enlish's Sunshine Tape' Vol 1. That's right, volume 1. There's so many dope summer tunes to play out while you're on the beach, at the park, jamming at a BBQ, skating, baking, doing whatever it is you do during the summer months. So, download, load up your ipod, twist one up for Big Dave and get your summertime on before its too late. As promised, the blog will once again regain the lofty heights upon which it usually rests, but only after I've cleared my schedule and got a decent tan. I know you feel me there.

So, without further ado, get downloading. I just hope the tracks are in the correct order when the file is unzipped. Theres only one way to find out though, innit? Oh, and by the way, none of these songs have been used by permission (obviously), so if you like what you hear and you actually have any money, go support the artists. Word.


Sunshine - Yungun
Anything (Old School Version Ft. Wu Tang Clan) - SWV
Shiraz - Action Bronson
Excuse Me Miss - Jay Z
The Boomin' System - LL Cool J
My Summer Vacation - Ice Cube
Coolie High - Camp Lo
A-Yo (Ft. Saukrates) - Method Man & Redman
Purple High - Serius Jones
Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
Hip No Ties - Intuition & VerBS
What U Lookin' 4 - Redman
InRembrance - Blu & Exile
I'd Rather Be With You - Bootsy Collins



I Got The Feelin' - James Brown
Outside - Mac Miller
Sour Hour - Smoke DZA
Won't Trade - Q Tip
Sitting In My Car - Slick Rick
Sometimes - Raphael Saadiq
This DJ - Warren G
Let's Get Blown - Snoop Dogg Ft. Pharrell
Back In The Game - Wu Tang Clan
Jussa Playa - Count Bass D
Chain Link - Brother Ali
Untitled - Blu & Exile
Beautiful - Masta Ace
Love Me Sexy - Jackie Moon


Messed Up Ft DJ Manipulate/Arrogance Is Bliss Ft Sean Price, Stig Of The Dump & DJ Manipulate (Produced By Ido) Drops 23/04/2011 on FU Music exclusively on http://enlish.bandcamp.com. Purchase the AA single and receive a FREE download of the 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real' LP. The Arrogance Is Bliss single track release will also be available from itunes, Amazon and all other online retailers.

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