Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Enlish Interview with Knowledge Magazine

Big dap goes to Aaron Jackson. For the full interview click HERE

You're close to dropping your Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real LP, tell us a bit more about that project...

The project will be made available as a bonus download upon purchase of the Messed Up / Arrogance single on April 23rd. Really it's just a precursor to my main LP, Cold Lazarus, that will be dropping in the near future.

Rap Ain't Real... is a collection of songs written and recorded during the last year or so that I will be making available for free to my dedicated followers upon purchase of the single.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am a big fan of Sean Price (hence getting him on the single) and have been since the first Heltah Skeltah LP dropped in the mid 90s. Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real is actually a Sean P lyric, where he continues on to say 'Rap ain't real, my life is real... If you talk about my life, fuck around and get killed'.

I personally found this hilarious as Sean P has said in numerous interviews that he may rap about shooting / murdering people etc, but in reality he is a grown man with a family to look after. However, he is also insinuating that by stepping over the boundary between rap and real life you may be causing a major problem for yourself (he obviously isn't all talk).

I essentially used that line as a green light to include a number of tracks where I go a bit OTT in my lyrics with regards to subject matter (but not too far, of course), but also offset those tracks with ones that are entirely truthful and personal to me on certain levels.

I also used the line to name my blog, where I not only write about my exploits as a rapper including anecdotes, stories, etc from my 'career' but also simply write about day to day things such as heavy weekends, bizarre dreams, good meals, etc. A lot of people seem to think that by being a rapper you're supposed to live a certain lifestyle, where in 99.9% of the cases out there worldwide it's simply not the truth.

I tell stories and home truths through rap and writing, but I'm also quick to poke fun at myself and not take myself too seriously at the same time, although when it comes to my love for the music, I am 110% serious. I just enjoy exploring both sides of the coin and it gives the listener / reader a little more insight into my persona.

For the full interview click HERE

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