Monday, 18 April 2011


'Home Dubbing.... The Death Of The Music Industry"

A small sample from the Pirahna Tank™

Back in the day, when I first really got into Hip Hop in around '93, there were sooooooo many good albums coming out. So many, in fact, that not one person could possibly afford to buy them all. Luckily, I had 3 or 4 like minded friends, and so we shared the burden of paying £14.99 per album between us, unless something was particularly necessary (i.e. all of the Wu Tang LPs in my case). Once one of us had purchased a particular CD, we would either take a bag full of TDKs home with us or lend out the CD to each person at a time so everyone could get a dub.

In my case, however, a dubbed tape was never going to be as good as the full package with all of the artwork, so I always endeavoured to make the most of my dubbed TDK, usually involving a pencil, some tracing paper and a red ink pen. Observe; I really was/am this geeky with my Hip Hop.

Plenty more where that came from and all.

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