Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I have released a new album of Hip Hop music, independently, and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Fire emoji, etc etc etc. 


So yeah. The album is out now, finally. After languishing in digital purgatory for the last couple of years, in direct comparison to my own feelings of confidence and self esteem, it is now languishing in a physical and digital xanadu for your listening (AND PURCHASING????!!????) pleasure.

enlish.bandcamp.com for digital and limited CD and cassette, iTunes, Spotify etc for all the rest.

Production courtesy of Cheebo, Scizzahz, Wizard, Sleepin' Giant and Tom Caruana.

I've got a couple of videos dropping - including one next Monday - and some interviews and reviews coming up courtesy of the good people at Wordplay, UKHH and possibly some other outlets, although really, what other outlets are there?

First week sales aren't exactly up to 'Get Rich' 50 Cent levels yet. One guy ordered a CD and added in the purchase comments section that he was only buying the LP under the proviso that 'you promise never to make any music ever again.' I can't lie, it sounds like a pretty attractive proposition.

And there you go. As mentioned as irregularly as my output actually hits, any and all support is greatly appreciated. As also mentioned, I am blissfully unaware if anybody is actually reading this guff and, in turn, whether anyone actually cares about the music I make and will therefore listen to - and, dare I say - purchase it.

But we live in hope. In the words of a great man, now deceased - 'I love to rap, but I hate the game.'