Thursday, 3 March 2016

I Don't Do Promo For Other Rappers. EVER. Apart from now. And Maybe later.

Nepotism, baby. It's the only way to ensure that you never really appreciate someone else or their efforts unless you know them on a personal level. There's 7 billion people in this world and I can guarantee you at least 95% of them are idiots and the other 4.99% are probably shit rappers. And that just leaves the rest of us.

Rupert has returned, in human and aural form. He put in a cracking performance at Slipjam last night (second only to my own, of course) promoting his new EP joint, SYLO. Sort Your Life Out. Pretty good advice, especially to a complete r-tard such as myself. Oh, and his mum was there too. She's a grade A top lady. Big up Lois, because she also enjoyed my unique brand of self deprecating spiritual lyrical miracle. Some kid actually said spiritual lyrical miracle on stage last night. Can you believe that shit? It's 2016 dude, have some self respect. Anyway, I digress.

"I've been gone for a hot minute. A hot minute being 8 years" was probably my favourite non-rapped line from last night, and having been gone for a room temperature minute myself I can wholly understand the hustle. I'm sure Rupert won't mind me mentioning that we are both part of the 'not playing with a full deck poker club', and as mentioned previously, creativity and consistency with creativity generally take a pretty huge hit when you look in the mirror and see a giant pile of steaming shite looking back at you - apart from the days, or sometimes weeks and months where you occasionally see the muscle bound, mega talented human god that your brain also tells you that you possibly are from time to time.

Despite the fact that Rup looks like a Swedish backpacker trained in holistic medicine, do not ever judge a book by its cover. I once saw a 5ft 7" dude wearing paint covered school shoes beat a professional basketball player in a game of one on one. Didn't see that one coming, just like you didn't expect to see or hear this dairy skinned goldilocks brer spitting delicious heat bars about piff and sniff and depression and family and general road man thuggery to make you want to shoot up the strip club with a nickel plated deuce deuce before speeding off in the hot whip to nail blonde chicks with silicone enhanced titties on the balcony of a beach front condo.

Rup made and continues to make fantastic music. Don't be a bitch about it. At least watch his fantastic SYLO video. Next up is at least streaming his fantastic new SYLO EP. And if you really want to go balls deep into the clam of human and musical appreciation, literally part with a small amount of money so you can enjoy it in your own time and show your appreciation for a dude who prefers Nelly's 'Country Grammar' over Jay-Z's 'Blueprint'.

I never said he wasn't a weirdo. But who isn't?


STREAM/BUY : And I'm guessing here : Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify etc etc. The PC at work won't let me access the links. Yes, I do have a job. I've been SMLO. Not as catchy. And work is shit if you really think about it.

Get involved or get a job. 1


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