Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dope, New, FREE Music

Straight back in this bitch like a horny dog, son.

Some of my fam dem have been mad busy in the lab churning out some absolute heat for your listening pleasure and, seeing as its essentially free, there is absolutely no reson why you shouldn't go and download that shit.

First off, we got my boy Wizard with his new Instrumental joint 'Chill Pill 3', featuring a number of other well respected beatsmiths doing their thing. Wiz is an absolute boss on the boards and has done a few joints for me in the past and also for upcoming projects, which needless to say bang harder than a whore house door in a force 10.

You CAN download it for free, but you also have the option to choose a price to show your appreciation for underground, independent artistis. I chose the latter, seeing as we're in the same boat. How much did I pay? £3.17. Don't ask why, but at least I paid. Ask Wiz if you don't believe me.


Secondly, we have the long awaited EP from another producer that I rock with, the young and up and coming Mad Hatter who also rhymes on this joint alongside my 2nd personal favourite gorilla/human hybrid (after Sean P), Rum Com's own Prince Kong. I downloaded this last night, for free, and bumped it all the way through. I suggest you do the same, otherwise you're a bum ass ninja, and nobody likes them. Go cop that or one yourself with a bayonet.

The dope artwork comes courtesy of RumCom MC/in house illustrator Bukioe, who has also handled business on my very-soon-to-be-released Summer EP. For more info on his works, contact etc click HERE

And, of course, no post would be complete without me mentioning that you can now download the 'Rap Ain't Real' LP (by myself) for FREE (or donation!), featuring production from Wizard, Mad Hatter, Scizzahz and more.



If they're free, what in the fuck are you waiting for? Click download, go and make a cup of tea, it'll be downloaded by then. Listen to them. If you don't like them, delete them. If you do like them, spread the word. They're FREE. Get it? Good.

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