Tuesday, 28 June 2011


My name is DAVE.

"The employee of the year, yeah I'm back to work" ^^ LOL

So, if you hadn't noticed, and I doubt a whole lot of you cared anyway, I've been off this blog ting for a while now due to my life in general being an absolute whirlwind shit storm of pressure, stress and obligations, some good some bad, revolving mainly around the back breaking hassle of self funding, promoting, attempting to market and sell an LP all by yourself. I can now say, hand on heart, that I hate the rap game totally (I love it really, I just don't know the rules too well). Additional obligations have been levied in the form of family commitments, weddings, actual work (!) and a subsequent illness that has seen me rotting in the crib for the last 8 or so days.

However, I have returned to spout bullshit, and seeing how its been roughly 6 months since I started the blog and production has slowed down in the last couple months im back to chuck a couple more logs on the fire and get the internet going nuts again. Stay tuned, all new BS talking, clothing, music and free downloads, tales of drink and drug abuse and more coming very soon, and on a regular basis.

Starting today.

As an aside, the Cold Lazarus LP has been out since the 7th of June and is (obviously) still available, just click any painting of me on the blog at the top and you'll be taken straight there. Support is greatly appreciated; I've only just really realised how much time, work, emotion, energy and money goes into this shit, so to everyone out there doing the same, keep grinding. I DO support independent Hip Hop, and I pay for something if I LIKE it, not just because its 'supporting'.

If you feel the same way as I do, and you like my music, please support the cause for essentially what is the price of a pint in the Vibe Bar (plus change). USBs nearly sold out.

New, free EP coming soon. Stay tuned boppers.


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