Friday, 11 February 2011

Last Night....

...I Had a wicked time at this

I forgot to take my camera to take photoids. Oh well. I had actually stayed up until 11am that morning getting smashed so its a miracle I made it out of bed, into the shower and to the joint (thanks babe). It was incredibly busy.

There were 500 of these, for free -

I bought one of these, for a tenner -

And hooked up with a lot of cool people that I have either seen recently, or in a few cases, not for a few years or more. It were well good it were. Big up Scott Move and my main man Alex Young, whose incredible artwork can be viewed on his website HERE. He also just happens to have done all the artwork for my LP, so look out for that. Please. Thank you.

New shit coming soon. 1

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