Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Read all about it, etc etc

Constant Reader;

As continually mentioned by myself, I am knee deep in trying to do everything I can to promote the imminent release of my full length debut LP, Cold lazarus. Because of this, I have not been posting my usual brand of hip hop/fashion/intoxicant abuse related drivel, but rest assured, once everything has calmed down a little (in the next 6 weeks or so) I will return to my pointless yet entertaining (I hope) commentary.

Until then, please do peruse these 2 reviews of my upcoming LP. Hopefully they may convince you it is worth parting with some of your hard earned for (it is).



Oh, and as always, the single/LP package is still available from my bandcamp for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY! If you havent copped it yet, go do it as the sands of time are quickly running.

PROMO! PROMO! PROMO! (Worry not, i'm nearly as bored of all of this as you must be haha)

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