Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Roebuck, SE1 4YG

Afternoon in the park with my wiz, now off to see everyone's favourite gentleman, the ever enigmatic Russell Porter for his night of eclectic music and boozing. Started at 2 this arvo, on till midnight. The main act has unfortunately had to back out but is being replaced by a couple members of the Speakers Corner Quartet. Rup will be blessing the mic, as I possibly will, alongside a very special guest.

If you can make it, head down to The Roebuck, 50 Great Dover Street, SE1 4YG. The Elephant and the Castle, baby.

As an aside, Saturday night was a blinder. I had a 45 minute freestyle battle with some crazy American brer outside the cop shop in Brixton with all of his pals then hit up Speakers Corner and teamed up with the cypher bullies to murkalise everything in sight. Big ups to Jokerstarr, Verb T, Tenchoo, Stig and all the other heads spitting darts. One of the American dudes mates was dressed like Tyler The Creator. I was wearing the Jordan Cool Greys. He said I 'had swag'. Nice.

Hasta la vista, baby

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